Pneumococcus antisera

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TitleVersionLanguageValid from
IFU Pneumotest Kit Neufeld 18055-418055-4English09/02 2022
IFU Pneumococcus antisera 18056-618056-6English28/01 2022
IFU Pneumococcal CWPS antigen products 54685-554685-5English16/06 2022
IFU Immulex S. Pneumonia Omni Kit ES 2592-62592-6Spanish01/02 2021
IFU ImmuLex S. pneumonia Omni Kit 91538-691538-6English01/02 2021
IFU ImmuLex Pneumotest Kit 52050-552050-5English09/02 2022
IFU ImmuLex pneumococcal antisera 78538-478538-4English28/01 2022

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TitleVersionLanguageValid from
IFU ImmuLex 99269-199269-1English01/07 2018
IFU Antisera, antigens and strians 99268-199268-1English01/02 2018

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