With SSI Diagnostica, you get in vitro diagnostic products from our in-house production and a carefully curated selection from external partners

Made to simplify

Working within microbiology is going through repeated manual processes every day, from testing patients in clinics to performing sample analysis in laboratories.

With SSI Diagnostica you get rapid diagnostic tests, QC testing for vaccine products, antisera, and several other in vitro diagnostic products. Our solutions are developed to ease microbiology diagnostics processes and make them more flexible without compromising reliability and quality. In short, they make your work simpler.

Our solutions

Culture Media

We produce a broad variety of culturing media, from solid agar plates to liquids in tubes. The products are all of high quality and made with care and precision.

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Rapid Tests

Rapid tests from SSI Diagnostica are lateral flow immunoassays for qualitative detection of bacteria and vira.

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Sampling materials

SSI Diagnostica offers a variety of sampling materials for the collection, transport and storage of specimens from the collection point to examination in the laboratory.

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Flexicult® is a 24 hour culture test designed for diagnosing urinary tract infections

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Always the highest quality and in accordance with Danish National Infection Control Guidelines (NIR).
SSI Diagnostica is presafe and ISO13485 certified. Find all information about biological and chemical indicators here.

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SSI Diagnostica offers various PCR-products of high quality

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SSI Diagnostica produces an extended range of polyvalent antisera including kits for typing of E. coli, pneumococci, Salmonella and streptococci.

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SSI Diagnostica can supply a broad range of pneumococcal antigens including CWPS and serotype specific capsular polysaccharides.

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Bacterial strains

The bacterial strains of SSI Diagnostica are mostly clinical isolates intended for research or for use as negative/positive controls for serotyping of antigens.

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Animal Blood Products

Blood and serum from our own herd of horses, cattle, rabbits, and sheep

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SSI Diagnostica sells racks designed to fit our pool systems and latex antisera bottles.

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15-18 November 2021
Düsseldorf, Germany
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New ImmuView® Reader – for fast objective results

The all new ImmuView® Reader is a portable, highly flexible, rapid and easy to use test instrument. Not only is it straightforward to use, it also transfers your results through LIS/LIMS system quickly. An easy way to get fast objective results.

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