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Clinical Microbiology

360-degree laboratory support – from the regular agar plate to sophisticated instrumentation

Clinical Microbiology

In advanced facilities with competent employees, we produce rapid antigen tests, diagnostic kits, substrates, reagents, antisera, antibodies, and more.

We draw on the latest knowledge and know-how as well as years of experience producing products for clinical microbiological laboratories.

  • Rapid immunoassays for accurate and fast diagnosis
  • Diagnostic kits for easy interpretation
  • Extensive range of high quality antisera

Ready-Made Media

SSI Diagnostica has many years of experience in the production of ready-made media to all kinds of laboratories including animal blood products from our own horses, cattle, rabbits and sheep.

We have modern production facilities for the production of all kinds of culture media and reagents. The production is ISO 13485 certified.

Sampling Materials and Transport Media

SSI Diagnostica offers a number of sampling materials for the collection, transportation and storage of sampling material.

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ImmuView® Family

SSI Diagnostica produces lateral flow assays sold under the trademark ImmuView® – rapid tests with higher sensitivity and specificity to the benefit of patients. Now with ImmuView® Reader.

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SSI Diagnostica produces an extended range of polyvalent antisera including kits for typing of E. coli, pneumococci, Salmonella and streptococci. 

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Simpler for the better

If you work within the field of microbiology, you might be familiar with Occam’s Razor. At SSI Diagnostica, we champion a slightly adapted version of this principle:
The simplest solution is usually the best one.

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