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Sampling Materials

For the collection, transport and storage of specimens

Sampling Materials

Sampling equipment is used for the collection, transport and storage of specimens from the collection point to examination in the laboratory. Choosing the right sampling equipment is crucial for qualified diagnostics.

SSI Diagnostica can supply sampling equipment, including transport media. General practitioners may order sampling equipment via our webshop.

As a diagnostic laboratory, SSI Diagnostica has extensive experience with a variety of sampling equipment. SSI Diagnostica has provided the Danish healthcare system with sampling equipment for a long time and is happy to offer its expertise if good advice is needed in connection with sampling.


SSI Diagnostica sells sampling equipment that is suitable for a variety of microbiological diagnostics. SSI Diagnostica’s development, production and sales of sampling equipment is quality controlled and certified according to ISO 13485.

Transport media

SSI Diagnostica produces various sampling materials.


High quality swabs for use in sampling.

Other sampling equipment

In addition to swabs and transport media, SSI Diagnostica offers other sampling materials.

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