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About SSI Diagnostica

SSI Diagnostica at a glance

SSI Diagnostica A/S is a leading Nordic manufacturing, distribution, and technical service company within in vitro diagnostic products for microbiological laboratories. We serve a multitude of laboratories, clinics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the globe.

Internationally, we offer our rapid diagnostic tests, QC testing for vaccine products, antisera, and several other in vitro diagnostic products. Additionally, we market selected products from external partners in the Nordics.

Founded as a division of the renowned Statens Serum Institut, our roots go back to 1902. In 2016, Adelis Equity, acquired the ownership, and our R&D investments increased markedly. Today, we are headquartered in Hillerød, Denmark, and employ more than 100 people.

Our overarching mission is to simplify microbiological diagnostics to benefit our customers, their patients, and society as a whole.

SSI Diagnostica Group

SSI Diagnostica Group provides innovative products for disease surveillance, diagnosis, outbreak investigation, and quality control in three specialized segments: gastric, respiratory, and bloodborne diseases.

Quality Assurance

SSI Diagnostica takes pride in ensuring the best quality in both our production facilities and finished products, as well as in our customer service and in providing instruction in the use of our products.


SSI Diagnostica is a production company with modern production facilities and with a general focus on high quality.

Sales, distribution and customer service

Sales are made through our own sales organization. To ensure that our customers receive the best advice possible, all our sales representatives have a professional background with extensive experience in microbiological laboratory work.


Management Team

Meet the management team of SSI Diagnostica.


All content contained within SSI Diagnostica A/S’s website, is copyright SSI Diagnostica A/S.

Code of Conduct

SSI Diagnostica is a leading microbiology company in Scandinavia. We develop, produce and sell the best in vitro products available in the market. Every day, we strive to improve microbiology.

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