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Where can we help you simplify?

From clinical and industrial microbiological laboratories to vaccine manufacturers, general practitioners, dentists, and veterinary clinics – our solutions cover a vast field of application areas with profoundly different value chains, legislative demands, organizational needs, and processes.

To accommodate all, we offer dedicated teams with experienced experts for every domain. We are geared to help you make your work simpler – for the better of your corner of your field.

Application areas

Clinical Microbiology

With SSI Diagnostica you get a large portfolio of products within Clinical Microbiology. And a 360-degree laboratory support; from the regular agar plate to sophisticated instrumentation.

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Industrial Microbiology

With SSI Diagnostica, you get years of experience in production of ready-made media for industrial microbiological laboratories. This includes animal blood products from our own horses, cattle, rabbits and sheep.
In close cooperation with a range of carefully selected partners, we offer products for hygiene and environmental control.

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We offer a diagnostic kit for urinary tract infections in dogs and cats plus manufacture a wide selection of high-quality microbiology culture media and reagents. In addition, we work closely with a range of carefully selected partners to offer indicators for hygiene certification and media for sampling and transport.

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GPs and Dentists

With SSI Diagnostica you get indicators and testing procedures for process control. This includes biological, chemical and cleaning indicators for the validation and routine control of sterilization, disinfection and cleaning processes.

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Vaccine Manufacturers

With SSI Diagnostica you get a wide range of pneumococcus products for vaccines manufacturers. We offer high titer pneumococcal antisera for effective and reliable QC testing of your vaccines. And we have all known pneumococcal serotypes available in stock.

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Latest news and events

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The C. DIFF QUIK CHEK COMPLETE® test from TECHLAB, Inc., part of the SSI Diagnostica Group, receives the first* European IVDR Certification for combined GDH plus Toxin A/B test

Blacksburg, VA – June 21, 2024 – TECHLAB, Inc., a part of the SSI Diagnostica Group, is pleased to announce that its C. DIFF QUIK CHEK COMPLETE® test has received certification under the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Regulation (IVDR), a first* for a combined GDH plus toxin A/B test. The C. DIFF QUIK […]

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New Vice President: Mie N. Petersen Spearheading Global Strategy & Corporate Development

SSI Diagnostica Group is promoting Mie Nete Petersen to Vice President of Global Strategy & Corporate Development. She has undertaken a crucial role in developing our strategy and long-term growth ambition. Mie has extensive experience from large companies like Novo Nordisk and Coloplast working with strategy, commercial development and marketing before joining SSI Diagnostica in […]

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