New Lot Numbers

Update to Lot numbers for all products not part of the culture media portfolio

SSI Diagnostica A/S is preparing for IVDR implementation, as the deadline is fast approaching, we are now ready to implement a new software solution for creation of labels.

As part of this update, we will start changing the labels for our products, the two most noticeable changes will be removal of the SSID Diagnostica shield in the top right corner from the label, and a new lot number implementation.

For ImmuView an additional change will be noticeable, each component in the kit will have separate item and lot numbers.

This change does not have any effect on the product, and the quality is unchanged for the products.

The update will be implemented on a running basis in production for new productions, starting from week 43 and forward.

The new lot numbers will be a combination of three letters and up to three numbers, for some product, it will also include a dash and three additional letters plus a number.

Example on new lot number: