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Jobs & Careers


Learn how we store and process your personal data when you apply for a position with us.

We currently have the following job openings:

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If you can’t find a suitable position advertised on our website, you can submit an open application. You can always update your details at a later date.

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News and Events

It is our ambition to make the world of microbiology work simpler. But simplifying the many intricate processes in and around clinics and laboratories takes more than merely delivering simple solutions.

This is why we make a volume of our accumulated knowledge available for you. Our lab is considered an authoritative entity in our field, and by sharing our insights, we hope to inspire you to simplify.

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SSI Diagnostica serve a multitude of laboratories, clinics, and pharmaceutical manufacturers around the globe. Our overarching mission is to simplify microbiological diagnostics to benefit our customers, their patients, and society as a whole.

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