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Management team

Meet our management team.

Christina Lindved

– Group CEO

Bachelor in Medical Biology, Executive MBA

Senior executive positions across Dako, Agilent, Thermo Fisher Scientific and most recently Waters.

Søren Skjold Mogensen

– EVP & Head of Disease Prevention and MI Lab Solutions

Cand. Merc. (MSc Econ & BA)

20+ years’ experience from senior sales positions with Lundbeck in Europe and South America.

Søren Skjold Mogensen

Egil Madsen

– EVP & Group CFO

MSc Business economics and auditing, State-authorized public accountant

15 years of strong CFO experience from listed and PE backed companies latest in Atos Medical Group but also from MT Højgaard, Dako and FLSmidth Group.

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Sales, distribution and customer service

Sales are made through our own sales organization. To ensure that our customers receive the best advice possible, all our sales representatives have a professional background with extensive experience in microbiological laboratory work.

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Quality Assurance

SSI Diagnostica takes pride in ensuring the best quality in both our production facilities and finished products, as well as in our customer service and in providing instruction in the use of our products.

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Simpler for the better

If you work within the field of microbiology, you might be familiar with Occam’s Razor. At SSI Diagnostica, we champion a slightly adapted version of this principle:
The simplest solution is usually the best one.


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