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Code of Conduct in SSI Diagnostica A/S

SSI Diagnostica Group is a leading innovative microbiology company headquartered in Copenhagen Denmark, with facilities in San Diego US, and production facility in Beijing China. We develop, produce, and sell the best in vitro products available in the market. Every day, we, and our dedicated employees, strives to improve microbiology.

To remain a successful company, SSI Diagnostica Group policy, is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions we operate within, and to conduct our business in an honest, professional, ethical, and responsible manner.

SSI Diagnostica Group Code of Conduct is a single source of reference, that we as company are obliged to follow.

It will ensure, that all our employees and business partners know what we stand for as a company. The SSI Diagnostica Group Code of Conduct, does not cover every possible situation, but provides guidance towards good judgement, and requires a high ethical standard of everyone

The Code

  • Who does the Code of Conduct applies to?
  • Respect for people and human rights
  • Responsibility for environment and climate change
  • Good business ethics and corporate governance
  • Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions
  • Restricted Person
  • Deviations (or violations) from the Code

Who Does the Code of Conduct Apply to?

The Code of Conduct applies to all Employees working for SSI Diagnostica Group and the parent company SSI Diagnostica Holding, subsidiaries of SSI Diagnostica Group, the Board, our Business Partners, and other Stakeholders.

Respect for People and Human Rights

We respect basic human rights as well as the rights of workers. We aim to foster a good working environment based on good relationships between employees, the board, our business partners, and other stakeholders.

We pledge to

  • Comply with national laws and respecting international standards, including the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and avoidance of complicity in human rights abuses
  • Ensure no presence of any form of forced, child or compulsory labor
  • Ensure fair and reasonable working conditions, such as wages, benefits, working hours as well as a healthy and safe work environment
  • Respect and protect the rights of employees, including freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Promote equal treatment and opportunities regardless of gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, or other distinguishing characteristics
  • Achieve a corporate culture and workplace free from discrimination and harassment

Responsibility for Environment and Climate Change

Significant challenges related to environmental impact and climate change face our world. At SSI Diagnostica Group we are convinced that consistent and long- term environmental work provides both environmental benefits and value creation. We therefore take responsibility for the impacts we have and strive to conduct our business with environmental responsibility and sustainable development at heart.

We pledge to

  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • Limit and reduce emissions of harmful substances and waste
  • Increase energy and resource efficiency as well as use natural resources responsibly,
    such as water and materials, in order to reduce our climate and environmental impact

Good Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Poor governance and corruption are a major obstacle to sustainable development and has severe negative impact on society.

SSI Diagnostica Group are committed to upholding the highest standard of corporate governance, and ethic, and preventing bribery and corruption, as we know, that good corporate governance and business ethics is the foundation of sound corporate development and management, as well as our ability to succeed in the market long-term.

We therefore work to conduct our business in an ethical manner and have a zero tolerance for all forms of corruption, and we do not offer or promise anything of value to anyone to obtain or retain business, or to secure an improper advantage.

We pledge to

  • Comply with relevant anti-corruption laws and regulations
  • Systematically prevent and actively ensure we are not complicit in corruption in any of its forms, including extortion and bribery
  • Support and promote fair competition, meaning we comply with all relevant competition rules and refrain from concluding unlawful anti-competitive agreements as well as exchanging unlawful price and/or market information with competitors
  • Comply with all applicable rules regarding export controls, including not acting contrary to, or with countries or persons implicated in, economic sanctions
  • Avoid conflicts of interest by our company and our employees, thereby avoid all acts that might be perceived as favoring a company, organization, individual or other stakeholder at SSI Diagnostica Group expense
  • Respect personal information and comply with applicable data protection legislation

Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions

Sanctions are the regulatory restrictions applicable to dealings and financial transactions with certain countries, territories, governments, groups entities, individuals or controlled goods or services.

As we conduct our business worldwide, the transactions we engage in may be subjected to sanctions imposed by multiple government authorities.

Failure to address the risk of sanctions violations may undermine our reputation, and lead to fines or other punitive action towards the company or individuals.

We pledge to

  • Comply with all applicable anti-money laundering and trade sanctions regulations and laws, in the countries in which we operate.
  • Comply with all economic and trade sanctions applicable to our business activities worldwide.
  • Prevent the use of our company’s product, services, and technology for money laundering, by entities or individuals, who are subject to sanctions,
  • Ensure we only conduct business with reputable business partners, for legitimate business purposes.

All employees should be aware of any red flags that may indicate the direct or indirect violation of any sanction regulations or laws, in which SSI Diagnostica Group are committed to comply with.

The nature and extend of these restrictions may vary, and it is important, that all employees that suspect direct or indirect involvement with restricted territory or party, consult with the SSI Diagnostica Group CFO, in order to understand the full business implications.

Restricted Person

No Employee or Board Member of SSI Diagnostica Group may; presently, in the future or in the past 5 years be or have been directly or indirectly listed on any Public Sanction and Anti-Corruption list from any Sanctions Authority, and thereby be defined as a restricted person in accordance with SSI Diagnostica Group Code of Conduct.

Definition of a Sanctions Authority:

a) the United Nations, (b) the European Union, (c) the United States, (d) any member state of the European Union and the European Economic Area, (e) the United Kingdom, and/or (f) the respective governmental, legislative, judicial and enforcement bodies and authorities of any of the foregoing, including, without limitation.
Her Majesty’s Treasury, the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury, the US Department of Commerce, the US Department of State, any other agency of the US Government, and any authority, official institution or agency acting on behalf of any of them in connection with Sanctions.

Definition of a Restricted Person includes, but are not limited to

  • You and/or your relatives are presently, or have been in the past 5 years, listed on any public Sanction and Anti-Corruption list.
  • You and/or your relatives are presently, or have been in the past 5 years, directly or indirectly involved (including investments) in any company or persons that are
    listed on any public Sanction and Anti-Corruption list.
  • You and/or your relatives are presently, or have been in the past 5 years, employed by, provided goods, services or financial support to any companies or persons that are listed on any public Sanction and Anti-Corruption list.

Any Employee or Board member that may fall under the category as a Restricted Person, are obliged to report this immediately to SSI Diagnostica Group CFO.

Deviations (or Violations) from the Code

SSI Diagnostica Group will ensure that immediate disciplinary actions, including termination of employment, are taken against those who violate this Code of Conduct, and that circumstances in violation of applicable laws and regulations are reported to the relevant authorities.

How to report concerns

In the SSI Diagnostica Group, we take compliance concerns very seriously. We expect people to speak up, and we expect our managers to keep an open dialogue with their employees on ethics and give them clear guidance on any concerns they have.

If you have concerns about ethics and compliance you must speak up. You can always contact your manager, go to the Group CFO, or go to HR. Our employees and stakeholders also have the option of using our integrity hotline to report concerns about breaches to certain laws, serious wrongdoings, or other serious matters:

Read more about SSI Diagnostica

Quality Assurance

SSI Diagnostica takes pride in ensuring the best quality in both our production facilities and finished products, as well as in our customer service and in providing instruction in the use of our products.

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Sales, distribution and customer service

Sales are made through our own sales organization. To ensure that our customers receive the best advice possible, all our sales representatives have a professional background with extensive experience in microbiological laboratory work.

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Simpler for the better

If you work within the field of microbiology, you might be familiar with Occam’s Razor. At SSI Diagnostica, we champion a slightly adapted version of this principle:
The simplest solution is usually the best one.

Get in touch

Please, reach out if you have a question, comment or request.