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Dermatophyte and c. albicans Real-Time PCR Kit 

Our Dermatophyte RT-PCR kit has been upgraded. It now also detects C. albicans. Moreover, the sample material can be nail, skin, and hair.

The Dermatophyte and C. albicans Real Time PCR Kit is an in vitro diagnostic kit for the quantitative detection of general dermatophytes (pan-dermatophytes), Trichophyton (T.) rubrum
and Candida (C.) albicans in nail, skin, and hair specimens.

Product description

The traditional identification method with culturing and
microscopic examination is time-consuming and varies
from 10 days to 4 weeks.

With our multiplex Real Time PCR-based method, dermatophytes in general and specifically T. rubrum and C. albicans can be detected in specimens of nail, hair, and skin within just 2-3 hours.

The kit contains all reagents needed for the analysis.

Fast identification of the problem-causing dermatophytes and C. albicans allows you to initiate the correct treatment from day 1 and thereby reduce the recovery time of the patient.

Detect general dermatophytes, T. rubrum
and C. albicans in nail, skin, and hair specimens

Identification within just 2-3 hours

Initiate the correct treatment from day 1

Reduce recovery time of the patient

How to use

The Dermatophyte and C. albicans Real Time PCR Kit
is a Real Time polymerase-chain-reaction based kit.

The kit is for use by laboratory professionals and/or healthcare professionals only.

Product range

Article numberProductNumber of tests Packing
99462Dermatophyte and C. albicans Real-Time PCR Kit100 1 box


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