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Chemical Indicator for Dry Heat Sterilisation (Oven)

In the case of sterilisation using dry heat, temperature and duration are the crucial factors in a valid sterilisation process.

Product description

The multivariable chemical indicator is a Type 4 indicator and is produced in accordance with ISO 11140-1 “Sterilization of health care products” and follows the guidelines of the Danish National Infection Control Guidelines (NIR) for General Practice. The indicator is used to monitor whether dry heat can penetrate the packaging indicator of the instruments, which have been subjected to sterilisation using dry heat by reacting to two critical parameters: time and temperature. The application of a chemical indicator is recommended in each package that is to be sterilised.

By using chemical indicators you protect your staff and patients from bacterial infections transferred from non-sterilised utensils

Our indicators are of high quality. We are following the guidelines from NIR to secure the highest standard of your sterilisation process.

Chemical Indicators are your daily quality check of your autoclave

Easy to interpret as it is chemical reaction causing a colour change

How to use

The chemical indicator must be used at 160°C for 2 hours – at least once daily or whenever the steriliser is used.

Use an indicator strip in each package/cassette/bag that is to be sterilised using dry heat. Carry out the sterilisation in accordance with the instructions for the steriliser. When exposed to dry heat, the indicator will change colour from blue to light brown/beige. A correct change of colour indicates that the ideal sterilisation conditions have been achieved. The indicator shows a reference colour, which is the colour, or lighter, that the indicator must achieve. If a colour change is not seen clearly, the sterilisation process should be repeated using new indicators and/or biological indicators to ensure that the oven is functioning optimally. After exposure, the indicator will retain the colour for up to 12 months if it is stored correctly.

Product range

Article numberProductPacking
99620Chemical indicator250 units


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Chemical Indicators, Dry Heat

Simpler for the better

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