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Streptococcus Strains

SSI Diagnostica sells a small selection of the most prevalent streptococcal strains.

Product description

The strains are sold and delivered primarily as freeze-dried ampoules. Unopened vials can be kept for a long time at room temperature.

If we do not have a freeze-dried ampoule, it may instead be delivered in transport medium, if desired.

All strains are grouped and typed before sale.

The strains are for in vitro use as control strains for serotyping and may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. sales, manufacturing of vaccines, antibodies, etc.) without prior written agreement with SSI Diagnostica.

SSI Diagnostica sells some of the most prevalent streptococcal strains.

All strains are grouped and typed before sale.

How to use

Strains should be stored at 5°C and must be spread on a 5-10% blood agar plate within one week, as the culture cannot survive in the transport medium for longer.
All strains are supplied with a certificate in which group and serotype and lot number are listed. We recommend that the strains are grown at 36-37° C overnight, in air containing 5% CO2, on agar with 5% blood or broth with 1% serum.

Product range

When purchasing bacterial strains, we kindly ask you to fill out a Material Transfer Agreement. Contact Jacob Markmann Bentsen, Commercial Business Manager at

84897 Streptococcus reference strain group A
84898 Streptococcus reference strain group B 
84899 Streptococcus reference strain group C 
84900 Streptococcus reference strain group G 
84901 Streptococcus reference strain group L 
84902 Streptococcus reference strain group B type Ia
84903 Streptococcus reference strain group B type Ib
84904 Streptococcus reference strain group B type II 
84905 Streptococcus reference strain group B type III
84906    Streptococcus reference strain group B type IV
84907 Streptococcus reference strain group B type V 
84913 Streptococcus reference strain group B type VI
84908Streptococcus reference strain group B type VII
84909 Streptococcus reference strain group B type VIII
84910 Streptococcus reference strain group B type IX 
98582Streptococcus reference strain suis type 1
98586 Streptococcus reference strain suis type 2
98575 Streptococcus reference strain suis type 3
98576 Streptococcus reference strain suis type 5 
98574 Streptococcus reference strain suis type 14 
98564 Streptococcus reference strain suis type 24


Please find the available downloads here.


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Bacterial Strains


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