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E. Coli Strains

The bacterial strains of SSI Diagnostica are mostly clinical isolates.
They are intended for research or for use as negative/positive controls for serotyping of antigens.
Each strain has been grown on a non-selective agar plate overnight and the serotype verified by SSI Diagnostica specific antisera.

Product description

E. coli strains are delivered in extract agar in either a sealed glass tube or in a cryogenic vial.
Strains sent in agar slant must be plated out within a week from receipt and resown, as strains cannot survive in transport agar for a long time.

High Quality

Each strain has been grown on a non-selective agar plate overnight and the serotype verified by SSI Diagnostica specific antisera


SSI Diagnostica have produced strains for several years and our skilled employees are ready to help you

How to use

The bacterial strains of SSI Diagnostica are intended for research or for use as negative/positive controls for serotyping of antigens.

The strains sent in agar slant can be cultured directly.

Product range

When purchasing bacterial strains, we kindly ask you to fill out a Material Transfer agreement.
Contact Jacob Markmann Bentsen, Commercial Business Manager at

We primarily sell reference strains and have reference strains for all O, H, K and F antigens, various toxins and other E. coli virulence factors.

Please note, concerning the OK O serotypes, that except for the OK O strains OK O26, OK O45, OK O55, OK O114 and OK O157, the other OK O serotypes are matched with the O strains with the corresponding number e.g. OK O86 antisera is matched with the O86 strain.

Strains are are shipped according to UN 3373.

Product AntigensGenes
81832 Reference strain O1O1:K1:H7 
81833 Reference strain O2O2:K1:H4 
81834 Reference strain O3O3:K2ab:H2 
81835 Reference strain O4O4:K3:H5 
81838Reference strain O5O5:K4:H4
81839Reference strain O6O6:K2a:H1
81840Reference strain 0707:K1:H-
81841Reference strain O8O8:K8:H4
81842Reference strain O9O9:K9:H12
81843Reference strain O10O10:K5:H4
81844Reference strain O11O11:K10:H10
81845Reference strain O12O12:K5:H-
81846Reference strain O13O13:K11:H11
81847Reference strain O14O14:K7:H-
81848Reference strain O15O15:K14:H4
81849Reference strain O16O16:K1:H-
81850Reference strain O17O17:K16:H18
81851Reference strain O18ab O18ab:K-:H14
81854Reference strain O18acO18ac:K5:H7
81855Reference strain O19abO19ab:K-:H7
81856Reference strain O20O20:K17:H-
81857Reference strain O21O21:K20:H-
81858Reference strain O22O22:K13:H1
81859Reference strain O23O23:K18ab:H15
81860Reference strain O24O24:K+:H-
81861Reference strain O25O25:K19:H12
81862Reference strain O26O26:H-
81864Reference strain O27O27:K-:H-
81865Reference strain O28abO28ab:K-:H-
81866Reference strain O28acO28ac:H-
81867Reference strain O29O29:K-:H10
81868Reference strain O30O30:K-:H-
81869Reference strain O32O32:K-:H19
81870Reference strain O33O33:K-:H-
81871Reference strain O34O34:K-:H10
81872Reference strain O35O35:K-:H10
81873Reference strain O36O36:K-:H9
81874Reference strain O37O37:K-:H10
81876Reference strain O38O38:K-:H26
81877Reference strain O39O39:K-:H-
81878Reference strain O40O40:K-:H4
81879Reference strain O41O41:K-:H40
81880Reference strain O42O42:K-:H37
81881Reference strain O43O43:K-:H2
81883Reference strain O44O44:H18
81886Reference strain O45O45:K1:H10
82027Reference strain O46O46:K-:H16
82028Reference strain O48O48:K-:H-
82029Reference strain O49O49:K+:H12
82030Reference strain O50O50:K-:H4
82031Reference strain O51O51:K-:H24
82033Reference strain O52O52:K-:H10
82034Reference strain O53O53:K-:H3
82035Reference strain O54O54:K-:H2
82036Reference strain O55O55:H-
82037Reference strain O56O56:K+:H-
82038Reference strain O57O57:K-:H-
82040Reference strain O58O58:K-:H27
82041Reference strain O59O59:K-:H19
82042Reference strain O60O60:K-:H33
82045Reference strain O61O61:K-:H19
82046Reference strain O62O62:K-:H30
82047Reference strain O63O63:K-:H-
82048Reference strain O64O64:K-:H-
82049Reference strain O65O65:K-:H-
82051Reference strain O66O66:K-:H25
82052Reference strain O68O68:K-:H4
82053Reference strain O69O69:K-:H38
82054Reference strain O70O70:K-:H42
82055Reference strain O71O71:K-:H12
82056Reference strain O73O73:K-:H31
82057Reference strain O74O74:K-:H39
82059Reference strain O75O75:K95:H5
82060Reference strain O76O76:K-:H8
82062Reference strain O77O77:K96;H-
82063Reference strain O78O78:H-
82064Reference strain O79O79:K-:H40
82081Reference strain O80O80:K-:H26
82082Reference strain O81O81:K97:H-
82083Reference strain O82O82:K-:H-
82084Reference strain O83O83:K-:H31
82085Reference strain O84O84:K-:H21
82086Reference strain O85O85:K-:H1
82088Reference strain O86O86:K-:H-
82089Reference strain O87O87:K-:H12
82090Reference strain O88O88:K-:H25
82091Reference strain O89O89:K-:H16
82092Reference strain O90O90:K-:H- 
82098Reference strain O91O91:K-:H- 
82099Reference strain O92O92:K-:H33 
86717 Reference strain O93 O93:-:H16  
82100Reference strain O95O95:K+:H33 
82102Reference strain O96O96:K-:H19 
82103Reference strain O97O97:K-:H- 
82104Reference strain O98O98:K-:H8 
82105Reference strain O99O99:K-:H33 
82106Reference strain O100O100:K-:H2 
82107Reference strain O101O101:K-:H33 
82108Reference strain O102O102:K-:H40 
82109Reference strain O103O103:K+:H8 
82110Reference strain O104O104:K-:H12 
82111Reference strain O105O105:K-:H8 
82112Reference strain O106O106:K-:H33 
82113Reference strain O107O107:K98:H27 
82114Reference strain O108O108:K-:H10 
82115Reference strain O109O109:K-:H19 
82116Reference strain O110O110:K-:H39 
82118Reference strain O111O111:H- 
82119Reference strain O112abO112ab:H18 
82120Reference strain O112acO112ac:H- 
82121Reference strain O113O113:H21 
82122Reference strain O114O114:H32 
82123Reference strain O115O115:K-:H18 
82124Reference strain O116O116:K+:H10 
82126Reference strain O117O117:K98:H4 
82127Reference strain O118O118:K-:H- 
82128Reference strain O119O119:H27 
82129Reference strain O120O120:K18a:H6 
82130Reference strain O121O121:K-:H10 
82131Reference strain O123O123:K-:H16 
82132Reference strain O124O124:H30 
82133Reference strain O125abO125ab:H19 
82134Reference strain O125acO125ac:H6 
82136Reference strain O126O126:H2 
82137Reference strain O127O127a:H- 
82138Reference strain O128abO128ab:H2 
82139Reference strain O128acO128ac:K-:H12 
82140Reference strain O129O129:K-:H11 
82141Reference strain O130O130:K-:H9 
82142Reference strain O131O131:K-:H26 
82143Reference strain O132O132:K+:H28 
82266Reference strain O133O133:K-:H29 
82267Reference strain O134O134:K-:H35 
82268Reference strain O135O135:K-:H- 
82269Reference strain O136O136:H- 
82270Reference strain O137O137:H41 
82273Reference strain O140O140:K-:H43 
82277Reference strain O142O142:H6 
82278Reference strain O143O143:K-:H- 
82279Reference strain O144O144:K-:H- 
82280Reference strain O145O145:K-:H- 
82281Reference strain O146O146:K-:H21 
82282Reference strain O147O147:H19;F4ac 
82283Reference strain O148O148:K-:H28 
82284Reference strain O149O149:H10 
82285Reference strain O150O150:K93:H6 
82286Reference strain O151O151:K-:H10 
82287Reference strain O152O152:K-:H- 
82288Reference strain O153O153:K-:H7 
82289Reference strain O154O154:K94:H4 
82290Reference strain O155O155:K-:H9 
82291Reference strain O156O156:K-:H47 
82292Reference strain O157O157:H19;F4ac 
82293Reference strain O158O158:K-:H23 
82295Reference strain O159O159:K-:H20 
82296Reference strain O160O160:K-:H34 
82297Reference strain O161O161:K-:H54 
82298Reference strain O162O162:K-:H10 
82299Reference strain O163O163:K-:H19 
82300Reference strain O164O164:K-:H- 
82301Reference strain O165O165:K-:H- 
81913Reference strain O166O166:K-:H4 
81914Reference strain O167O167:K-:H5 
81915Reference strain O168O168:K-:H16 
81916Reference strain O169O169:K-:H8 
81917Reference strain O170O170:K-:H1 
81920Reference strain O173O173:K-:H- 
81921Reference strain O174O174:K-:H27 
81922Reference strain O175O175:K-:H28 
81928Reference strain O180O180:H- 
81932Reference strain O184O184:K-:H11 
81829 Reference strain O187 O187:K-:H52  
96427 Reference strain O188 O188:H10  
81935Reference strain H1O2:K2ab:H1 
85337 Reference strain H2 O43:K-:H2  
85338 Reference strain H3 O53:K-:H3  
85339 Reference strain H4 O2:K1:H4  
85340Reference strain H5O4:K3:H5
81936Reference strain H6O2:K1:H6 
85341 Reference strain H7 O1:K1:H7  
81937Reference strain H8O2:K-:H8 
85342 Reference strain H10 O11:K10:H10  
85343 Reference strain H11 O13:K11:H11  
85344 Reference strain H12 O9:K9:H12  
85345 Reference strain H14 O18ab:K-:H14  
85346 Reference strain H15 O23:K18ab:H15 
81939Reference strain H17O15:K97:H17 
85347 Reference strain H18 O17:K16:H18  
81940Reference strain H19O9:K36:H19 
81941Reference strain H20O8:K49:H20 
81942Reference strain H21O8:K49:H21 
81943Reference strain H23O45:Kne:H23 
81944Reference strain H24O51:K12:H24 
81945Reference strain H25O15:K16:H25 
85348 Reference strain H26 O131:K-:H26  
81946Reference strain H27O15:Kne:H27 
85349 Reference strain H28 O132:K+:H28  
85350 Reference strain H29 O133:K-:H29  
81947Reference strain H30O38:Kne:H30 
81948Reference strain H31O3:K-:H31 
85351 Reference strain H32 O114:H32  
81949Reference strain H33O11:Kne:H33 
81950Reference strain H34O86:H34 
85352 Reference strain H35 O134:K-:H35  
81951Reference strain H36O86:H36 
85353 Reference strain H37 O42:K-:H37  
85354 Reference strain H38 O69:K-:H38  
85355 Reference strain H39 O74:K-:H39  
85356 Reference strain H40 O79:K-:H40  
85357 Reference strain H41 O137:H41  
85358 Reference strain H42 O70:K-:H42  
85359 Reference strain H43 O140:K-:H43  
81952Reference strain H44O3:K19:H44 
81953Reference strain H45O52:Kne:H45 
81954Reference strain H46O26:H46 
81955Reference strain H47O86:Kne:H47 
81956Reference strain H48O16:Kne:H48 
81957Reference strain H49O6:K13:H49 
81958Reference strain H51O8:K50:H51 
81959Reference strain H52O11:Kne:H52 
81961Reference strain H53O148a:Kne:H53 
85360 Reference strain H54 O161:K-:H54  
81962Reference strain H55O75:Kne:H55 
81963Reference strain H56O139:K-:H56 
85361 Reference strain K1 O2:K1:H4  
85362 Reference strain K2ab O3:K2ab:H2  
85363 Reference strain K3 O4:K3:H5  
85364 Reference strain K4 O5:K4:H4  
85365 Reference strain K5 O10:K5:H4  
81964Reference strain K6O4:K6:H5 
81965Reference strain K7O7:K7:H4 
85366 Reference strain K8 O8:K8:H4  
85367 Reference strain K9 O9:K9:H12  
85368 Reference strain K10 O11:K10:H10  
85369Reference strain K11 O13:K11:H11  
81966Reference strain K12O4:K12:H- 
81967Reference strain K13O6:K13:H1 
85370 Reference strain K14 O15:K14:H4  
85371 Reference strain K16 O17:K16:H18  
85372 Reference strain K17 O20:K17:H-  
81968Reference strain K18aO23:K18a:H15 
85373 Reference strain K18ab O23:K18ab:H15  
85374 Reference strain K19 O25:K19:H12  
85375 Reference strain K20 O21:K20:H-  
81970Reference strain K23O25:K23:H1 
81971Reference strain K24O83:K24:H31 
81972Reference strain K26O9:K26:H- 
81973Reference strain K27O8:K27:H- 
81974Reference strain K28O9:K28:H- 
81975Reference strain K29O9:K29:H- 
81976Reference strain K30O9:K30:H12 
81977Reference strain K31O9:K31:H- 
81978Reference strain K32O9:K32:H19 
81979Reference strain K33O9:K33:H- 
81980Reference strain K34O9:K34:H- 
81981Reference strain K35O9:K35:H- 
81982Reference strain K36O9:K36:H19 
81983Reference strain K37O9:K37:H- 
81984Reference strain K38O9:K38:H- 
81985Reference strain K39O9:K39:H9 
81986Reference strain K40O8:K40:H9 
81987Reference strain K41O8:K41:H11 
81988Reference strain K42O8:K42:H- 
81989Reference strain K4308:K43:H11 
81990Reference strain K44O8:K44:H- 
81991Reference strain K45O8:K45:H9 
81992Reference strain K46O8:K46:K30 
81993Reference strain K47O8:K47:H2 
81994Reference strain K48O8:K48:H9 
81995Reference strain K49O8:K49:H21 
81996Reference strain K50O8:K50:H- 
81997Reference strain K51O1:K51:H- 
81998Reference strain K52O4:K52:H- 
81999Reference strain K53O6:K53:H- 
82000Reference strain K54O6:K54:H10 
82001Reference strain K55O9:K55:H- 
82002Reference strain K57O9:K57:H32 
82003Reference strain K83O20:K83:H26 
82004Reference strain K84O20:K84:H26 
82005Reference strain K87O8:K87:H19 
82006Reference strain K92O73:K92:H34 
85376 Reference strain K93 O150:K93:H6  
85377 Reference strain K94 O154:K94:H4  
85378 Reference strain K95 O75:K95:H5  
85379 Reference strain K96 O77:K96:H-  
85380 Reference strain K97 O81:K97:H-  
85381 Reference strain K98 O107:K98:H27  
82007Reference strain K100O75:K100:H5 
82008Reference strain K101O20:K101:H-:F6 
82009Reference strain K102O8:K102:H- 
82010Reference strain K103O101:K103:H- 
85334 Reference strain F4ac O147:H19:F4ac 
88684Reference strain F5O101:K-:F5:H-  
85335 Reference strain F6 O20:K101:H-:F6 
87258 Reference strain OK O26  O26:H- 
87259 Reference strain OK O55  O55:H6 
87255 Reference strain OK O114  O114:H32 
82168Reference strain,
PCR negative control (168-81)
82173DEC PCR test strain stpO27:H7 stp
82174DEC PCR test strain sthO115:H5 sth
82172DEC PCR test strain eltAO169:H- eltA
82171DEC PCR test strain ipaHO172:H- ipaH


Click the question to get your answer

Please send an inquiry. Depending on the needed volume, we might be able to develop the requested product. It can be anything from a new pool composition to a new antiserum.

Yes, you can buy all reference strains for the O, H and K antigens.

We offer a yearly training course. Contact us for more information.

A reference strain is a microorganism defined to at least the genus and species level, catalogued and described according to its characteristics e.g. O, K and H serotype and stating its origin.
A test strain is generally used for quality control and performance testing of culture media or serving as a positive/negative control in a diagnostic kit ensuring that the performance of the test has been successful.
Wild type strains are isolates from patients, animals or other sources, and these are not well defined.

You should send the strain according to your national legislation. The strain should be transported in an ordinary transport medium (Stuarts, Cary Blair, lyophilised or likewise), and the package should be marked with an UN number corresponding to the content of the package.

The main advantages are:
1. Reaction time for E. coli OK O antisera is only 10 seconds reducing the risk of false positive reactions leading to a more accurate result compared to other tests having a reaction time of 1 minute.
2. SSI Diagnostica antisera are absorbed and thus very specific.
3. We offer technical expertise and assistance / training.


Please find the available downloads here.


Click on the link below to download the IFU.

Bacterial Strains


Please, reach out if you have questions, comments or requests.