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Pneumotest kit

Pneumococci are enclosed within a capsule consisting of repeated units of polysaccharides. The composition of the polysaccharides defines the serotype, and 91 pneumococcal serotypes have been described to date, with more on the way.

Product description

The polyclonal pool antisera are produced by immunising rabbits with killed whole cells. All the products are absorbed free of cross-reactions. The Pneumotest-kit is supplied in a box with ready-to-use antisera, sufficient for approximately 300 tests.

Many years of experience producing Pneumococcus antisera

High quality

All absorbed free of cross-reactions

We offer experienced technical support

How to use

Pool antisera are used in the capsular reaction, also called the Neufeld test. Equal quantities of antiserum and bacterial culture are mixed on a slide. Under a phase control microscope, a positive reaction is indicated when the capsule enclosing the pneumococcus swells and becomes visible. The bacteria will frequently also agglutinate.

Product range

The Pneumotest-kit consists of 12 pools (A-F + H, P-T). 

By testing all 12 pools and using the chessboard system described, it is possible to identify the 23 vaccine serotypes to type/group level. Factor antisera are then used if full serotyping is required.

Product Number
of tests
36158Pneumotest-kit incl. 12 pools  300 1 box 
82175Type 1 kontrol1 box


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Antibodies can be frozen, but the process of freezing and thawing is damaging for the antibodies, and the titer will drop (even though not dramatically) due to decomposition.
We have not made further studies on this, and cannot guarantee the stability of the sera, but we have experienced that mostly the titer stays at the same level if a serum only is frozen and thawn once.

Yes, it is possible, if you place an order in advance with the expected total volume for the period. In return we guarantee to keep the reserved lot for you.

You can always send an inquiry. We might have it. Depending on the needed volume, we might be able to develop the requested product. It can be anything from a new pool composition to a new serum.


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Pneumotest Kit


Please, reach out if you have questions, comments or requests.