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E.coli H antisera


The H antigen is a surface antigen in E. coli and is responsible for the bacterium’s motility. It also behaves like adhesin. Even if a particular bacterium has genomic material to express H antigens, H antigens are generally expressed only if necessary. At the same time, the quantity of H antigens can vary. It is therefore important that only those strains with known motility are H serotyped, and that they are provoked to express as much flagella as possible.

Product description

H antisera are polyclonal antibodies produced by immunising rabbits with whole formalin-killed cells containing as much flagellum antigen as possible. All H antisera are absorbed for known cross-reactions and are therefore characterized as monospecific. Cross-reactions with O antigens can occur if the reaction is read after the recommended two hours. A list of known cross-reactions can be provided on request.

Pooled H antisera are supplied in bottles of 3 mL ready-to-use antiserum. Individual H antisera are supplied in bottles of 5 mL ready-to-use antiserum. 

We offer the full range of antisera for E. coli serotyping

High quality

All absorbed free of cross-reactions

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How to use

H antisera are used for agglutination of formalin-killed cultures in Widal tubes or microtitre plates. Equal quantities of antiserum and culture are mixed, and the reaction can be read after approximately 2 hours in a 56 °C water bath.

Product range

SSI Diagnostica sells H antisera against all 53 defined H serotypes. H antisera are available both as pools (A-F) and as individual antisera, H1-H56 (H13, H22 and H50 have been withdrawn from the H typing classification).

H pool antisera

Product Reacts with 
Number of
R*54386 Pool A H1,H2,H3,H4,
30 3 mL vial
R*54388 Pool B H5,H6,H7,
303 mL vial 
R*54390 Pool C H9,H10,H14,
30 3 mL vial
R*54392 Pool D H18,H19,H20,
303 mL vial
R*54394 Pool E H26,H27,H28,
30 3 mL vial
R*54396 Pool F H29,H33,H34,
30 3 mL vial

H single antisera

in pool
of tests
R*54397H1A505 mL vial
R*54399H2A505 mL vial
R*54400H3A505 mL vial
R*54401H4A505 mL vial
R*54402H5B505 mL vial
R*54404H6B505 mL vial
R*54406H7B505 mL vial
R*54407H8B505 mL vial
R*54409H9C505 mL vial
R*54410H10C505 mL vial
R*54412H11B505 mL vial
R*54414H12A505 mL vial
R*54416H14C505 mL vial
R*54417H15C505 mL vial
R*54419H16C505 mL vial
R*54421H17A505 mL vial
R*54422H18D505 mL vial
R*54424H19D505 mL vial
R*54425H20D505 mL vial
R*54426H21B505 mL vial
R*54427H23D505 mL vial
R*54429H24D505 mL vial
R*54430H25D505 mL vial
R*54431H26E505 mL vial
R*54433H27E505 mL vial
R*54434H28E505 mL vial
R*54435H29F505 mL vial
R*54438H30E505 mL vial
R*54440H31E505 mL vial
R*54441H32E505 mL vial
R*54442H33F505 mL vial
R*54444H34F505 mL vial
R*54446H35F505 mL vial
R*54447H36F505 mL vial
R*54449H37F505 mL vial
R*54454H38F505 mL vial
R*54455H39F505 mL vial
R*54456H40F505 mL vial
R*54458H41F505 mL vial
R*54459H42F505 mL vial
R*54461H43F505 mL vial
R*54463H44F505 mL vial
R*54464H45E505 mL vial
R*54466H46F505 mL vial
R*54467H47F505 mL vial
R*54469H48E505 mL vial
R*54470H49E505 mL vial
R*54472H51C505 mL vial
R*54473H52C505 mL vial
R*54475H53D505 mL vial
R*54476H54E505 mL vial
R*54477H55E505 mL vial
R*54479H56D505 mL vial
*Products marked with an R are Resctricted, which means that we will be charging either an extra fee, require a minimum order volume, or a forecast forthe specific product. Please contact us if you have an inquiry for one of these products.


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The antiserum H:2 does not contain antibodies against antigen H:1. The H:1 antibody is removed by absorption. If you observe agglutination with antiserum H:2 you know that the bacterium has antigen combination H:1,2 since H:2 always is together with antigen H:1. If you use antiserum H:1,2 you will have cross reactions to other H:1 combinations (H:1,5, H:1,6 and H:1,7).

Yes – When we produce antiserum H:g,m we measure the antibody level using H:g,m and H:m,t expressing strains. This means that the antiserum will agglutinate strongly with H:g,m and H:m,t combinations and probably less strong with many of the other H:g and H:m combinations (i.e. combination H:g,p, H:g,t, H:g,q, H:g,m,s, H:g,z51, H:g,z62, H:g,z63, H:g,s,t, H:f,g,t, H:f,g and H:g,p,u).
We always recommend the customers to buy the H phase pool antiserum H:G (art. no. 40299) instead of antiserum H:g,m, and then factor antisera as H:m (art. no. 40332), H:p (art. no. 40333), H:q (art. no. 40334) etc. depending on how much you actually need to know. The reason why we recommend H:G is, that for this antisera we guarantee that the antisera reacts with all H:g combinations and H:m,t. If you then after a positive reaction with antiserum H:G do slide agglutination with the specific factor antisera you will know exactly what antigen combination the Salmonella culture express.

Antibodies can be frozen, but the process of freezing and thawing is damaging for the antibodies, and the titer will drop (even though not dramatically) due to decomposition. We have not made further studies on this, and cannot guarantee the stability of the sera, but we have experienced that mostly the titer stays at the same level if a serum only is frozen and thawn once

The titer indicates how many times the serum can be diluted and still give a positive reaction.

The high titer products can be diluted according to the instructions listed on the packaging. The dilution rate varies from product to product, depending on how specific serum, the different rabbits have produced. If the high titer products are diluted more than stated on the packaging, SSI Diagnostica cannot guarantee that the antiserum captures all the wild type strains.

Yes, it is possible, if you place an order in advance with the expected total volume for the period. In return we guarantee to keep the reserved lot for you.

You can always send an inquiry. We might have it. Depending on the needed volume, we might be able to develop the requested product. It can be anything from a new pool composition to a new serum.


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