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Pneumococcal Capsule Sugar

All virulent/pathogenic pneumococci produce a sugar capsule. This sugar capsule is unique and is found in more than 90 different variants. It is on the basis of these capsules that these serotypes are defined.

Product description

Pneumococcal serotype specific capsule sugars are produced by purifying the sugar from well-defined reference strains. The protein and DNA/RNA impurity is minimal and less than 3% of the total quantity.

Clinical relevance

Streptococcus pneumoniae expresses a number of different sugars on the cell surface. Most sugars are in the cell capsule, which defines the more than 90 different pneumococcal serotypes currently known. In addition to the type-specific capsule sugars, all pneumococci also express a group antigen, referred to as the cell wall polysaccharide (CWPS). CWPS is found in two different forms, depending on the quantity of phosphorylcholine per sugar unit. The capsule sugars are found in existing vaccines, partly in conjugate vaccine for children, but also in pure sugar vaccines for adults.

Expert knowledge in producing

Broad range of pneumococcal antigens

For adsorption material in immunological investigations such as ELISA antibody assay

We offer experienced technical support

How to use

The pneumococcal capsules can be used in immunological investigations such as ELISA antibody assays, to evaluate whether any vaccination/revaccination is desirable.
The pneumococcal capsules from SSI Diagnostica are for research use only.

Product range

SSI Diagnostica offers pneumococcal capsules from all the serotypes described.

Product Packing 
76851Polysaccharide, purified type 1 10 mg 
76852 Polysaccharide, purified type 2  10 mg  
76853 Polysaccharide, purified type 3  10 mg 
76855 Polysaccharide, purified type 4  10 mg 
76857 Polysaccharide, purified type 5  10 mg 
76860 Polysaccharide, purified type 6A  10 mg 
76863 Polysaccharide, purified type 6B  10 mg 
76865 Polysaccharide, purified type 6C  10 mg 
76868Polysaccharide, purified type 7F  10 mg 
76870Polysaccharide, purified type 7A10 mg
76872 Polysaccharide, purified type 7B  10 mg 
76874 Polysaccharide, purified type 7C  10 mg 
76875 Polysaccharide, purified type 8  10 mg 
76876 Polysaccharide, purified type 9A  10 mg 
76878 Polysaccharide, purified type 9L  10 mg 
76879 Polysaccharide, purified type 9N  10 mg 
76880 Polysaccharide, purified type 9V  10 mg 
76929Polysaccharide, purified type 10F  10 mg
76931Polysaccharide, purified type 10A10 mg
76932 Polysaccharide, purified type 10B  10 mg 
76933 Polysaccharide, purified type 10C  10 mg 
76934Polysaccharide, purified type 11F 10 mg 
76935Polysaccharide, purified type 11A10 mg
76936 Polysaccharide, purified type 11B  10 mg 
76937 Polysaccharide, purified type 11C  10 mg 
76938 Polysaccharide, purified type 11D  10 mg 
76939Polysaccharide, purified type 12F10 mg 
76940Polysaccharide, purified type 12A10 mg
76941 Polysaccharide, purified type 12B  10 mg 
76942 Polysaccharide, purified type 13  10 mg 
76943 Polysaccharide, purified type 14  10 mg 
76944Polysaccharide, purified type 15F10 mg 
76945Polysaccharide, purified type 15A10 mg
76946 Polysaccharide, purified type 15B  10 mg 
76947 Polysaccharide, purified type  15C  10 mg 
76948Polysaccharide, purified type 16F 10 mg 
76949Polysaccharide, purified type 16A 10 mg
76950Polysaccharide, purified type 17F10 mg
76951Polysaccharide, purified type 17A  10 mg
76952Polysaccharide, purified type 18F10 mg
76953Polysaccharide, purified type 18A10 mg
76956Polysaccharide, purified type 18B  10 mg
76957Polysaccharide, purified type 18C  10 mg
76958Polysaccharide, purified type 19F 10 mg
76959Polysaccharide, purified type 19A10 mg
76960Polysaccharide, purified type 19B  10 mg
76961Polysaccharide, purified type 19C  10 mg
76962Polysaccharide, purified type 20  10 mg
76964Polysaccharide, purified type  21  10 mg
76966Polysaccharide, purified type 22F  10 mg
76967Polysaccharide, purified type 22A  10 mg
76968Polysaccharide, purified type 23F 10 mg
76969Polysaccharide, purified type 23A10 mg
76970Polysaccharide, purified type 23B  10 mg
76971Polysaccharide, purified type 24F 10 mg
76973Polysaccharide, purified type 24A10 mg
76974Polysaccharide, purified type 24B  10 mg
76975Polysaccharide, purified type 25F10 mg
76976Polysaccharide, purified type 25A10 mg
76978Polysaccharide, purified type 27  10 mg
76980Polysaccharide, purified type 28F 10 mg
76981Polysaccharide, purified type 28A10 mg
76983Polysaccharide, purified type 29  10 mg
76984Polysaccharide, purified type 31  10 mg
76986Polysaccharide, purified type 32F10 mg
76992Polysaccharide, purified type 32A 10 mg
76994Polysaccharide, purified type 33F  10 mg
76995Polysaccharide, purified type 33A10mg
76996Polysaccharide, purified type 33B  10 mg
76997Polysaccharide, purified type 33C 10 mg
76998Polysaccharide, purified type 33D 10 mg
76999Polysaccharide, purified type 3410 mg
77000Polysaccharide, purified type 35F10 mg
77001Polysaccharide, purified type 35A10 mg
77002Polysaccharide, purified type 35B 10 mg
77003Polysaccharide, purified type 35C 10 mg
77005Polysaccharide, purified type 36 10 mg
77006Polysaccharide, purified type 37 10 mg
76982Polysaccharide, purified type 38 10 mg
76985Polysaccharide, purified type 39 10 mg
76987Polysaccharide, purified type 4010 mg
76989Polysaccharide, purified type 41F10 mg
76991Polysaccharide, purified type 41A10 mg
77007Polysaccharide, purified type 42 10 mg
77008Polysaccharide, purified type 43 10 mg
77009Polysaccharide, purified type 44 10 mg
77010Polysaccharide, purified type 45 10 mg
77011Polysaccharide, purified type 46 10 mg
77012Polysaccharide, purified type 47F10 mg
77013Polysaccharide, purified type 47A10 mg
77014Polysaccharide, purified type 48 10 mg


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