Immulex S. Pneumoniae Omni

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TitleVersionLanguageValid from
IFU ImmuLex S. pneumonia Omni Kit 91538-791538-7English07/07 2023
IFU 2592-7 Immulex Pneumonia omni_ES2592-7English07/07 2023

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TitleVersionLanguageValid from
IFU Indlægsseddel Immulex omni 91538-591538-5English01/08 2018
IFU Indlægsseddel Immulex omni 91538-491538-4English01/07 2016
IFU Immulex S. Pneumonia Omni Kit ES 2592-62592-6Spanish01/02 2021
IFU ImmuLex S. pneumonia Omni Kit 91538-691538-6English01/02 2021

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