Culture Media (SSI Diagnostica)

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TitleLanguageValid from
COA Xebios lot 16021697 exp. 28.06.2022English28/03 2023
COA Xebios lot 12860580 exp. 01.07.2022English28/03 2023
COA Xebios lot 12410337 exp. 07.07.2022English28/03 2023
COA EO Labs lot 04160606 exp. 10.08.2022English28/03 2023
COA EO Labs lot 04160428 exp. 13.07.2022English28/03 2023
COA EO Labs lot 04160340 exp. 23-06-2022English28/03 2023
COA EO Lab lot 04160379 exp. 29.06.2022English28/03 2023
COA EO Lab lot 04160287 exp. 20-06-2022English28/03 2023
COA EO Lab lot 04160094 exp. 02-07-2022English28/03 2023
COA EO L abs lot 04160235 exp. 06.06.2022English28/03 2023

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