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For diagnosis of urinary tract infections

Flexicult® holds specific antibiotics for a quick overview of possible treatment of urinary tract infections

Flexicult® is your aid in diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections

Flexicult®  is a fast and simple culture test designed for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTI) by:

  • identification and quantitative enumeration of bacteria in the urine
  • predicts the susceptibility of the bacteria against 5 antibiotics

Flexicult® is designed as an agar plate with elevated sides and divided into compartments with partitions and a lid. There is one large compartment for quantitative analysis and 5 small compartments each containing a specific antibiotic.

Flexicult® is a series of UTI products

As Flexicult® is our aid in the diagnosis of UTI we have created more variants to fit as many needs as possible.

  • Flexicult® Urinary Kit, for diagnostics of human urinary tract Infections
  • Flexicult® Vet, for diagnostics of UTI in dogs or cats
  • ID Flexicult® is an agarplate for identification of urinary pathogenic bacteria.

Flexicult® Solutions

Flexicult® Urinary Kit

Flexicult® Human is your aid in urinary tract infections. By culturing on Flexicult®Human you will get bacteria species, amount of bacteria present and which antibiotic to use.

Fast, easy and reliable

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Flexicult® Vet

Flexicult® Vet is an aid for antibiotic treatment for cats and dogs during Urinary tract infection. Flexicult® indicates bacteria species, amount of bacteria and which antibiotic to use.

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ID Flexicult®

Detection of pathogenic bacteria which causes urinary tract infections. Culturing the urinary sample on Flexicult® ID will give you an indication of which bacteria that is present based on the colour and size of the bacteria colony

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Simpler for the better

If you work within the field of microbiology, you might be familiar with Occam’s Razor. At SSI Diagnostica, we champion a slightly adapted version of this principle:
The simplest solution is usually the best one.

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