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Animal Blood Products

SSI Diagnostica has its own donor herd of horses, cattle and sheep for production of blood and serum to ensure a high standard of animal welfare, quality, traceability and freedom from residues of medicine with antimicrobial activity. The donor animals are kept in large socialized groups housed in large in-door free-range pens with free access to a large outdoor area and pastures in summer.

Product description

Blood from horses, cattle and sheep can be delivered in a variety of volumes and stabilized by defibrination or by adding anticoagulants.
From all lots of donor blood a sample is tested by cultivating it for 48 hours in a medium suitable for detection of bacteria and fungi in blood cultures. If no growth is detected, the blood is released for sale.

Happy lives

By choosing our blood products you are also choosing happy animal lives as they have a lot of fresh air, quality food and water

The size you need

We produce animal blood products in several sizes ad packages. In case your needed size is not stated, reach out and we will find a solution

Stabilised for ease of use

Our products are stabilised by defibrinogation or by adding anticoagulants

High QC standards

All blood products are tested by cultivation for 48 hours. Also food, water and the animal well-being is controlled.

How to use

Blood and serum are used as nutritional supplement in culture media and laboratory reagents and red blood cells serve as a diagnostic indicator in culture media and serological tests.

Product range

SSI Diagnostica supplies blood from horses, cattle, sheep and rabbits. The blood is stabilized by defibrination or by adding anticoagulants as indicated below.
For further information or delivery enquiries regarding blood or serum from horses, cattle, sheep or rabbits please contact, fax: +45 4817 2686 or phone: +45 4817 2040.

Horse Blood

 Product Packing
 23699 Horse blood, defibrinated 100 mL
 23700 Horse blood, defibrinated 0.5 L
 35126 Horse blood, defibrinated 1.0 L
 959 Horse blood with citrate 0.2 L       
 86866 Horse serum, sterile filtered 0.5 L

Sheep Blood

Product  Packing
 23689 Sheep blood, defibrinated 100 mL
 23690 Sheep blood, defibrinated 0.5 L
 955 Sheep blood in Alsevers solution (1+1) 100 mL
 957 Sheep blood in Alsevers solution (1+1) 0.3 L

Bovine Blood

 Product Packing
 77665 Bovine blood with citrate 50 mL
 77667 Bovine blood with citrate 100 mL
 77668 Bovine blood with citrate 0.5 L
 78638 Bovine serum, sterile filtered 0.5 L


No items available at the moment.


Please, reach out if you have questions, comments or requests.