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Transport Media


Transport media are used for sampling and transport of samples. The survival of microorganisms in the sample material between the sampling site and laboratory analysis is important for a good transport medium. The choice of suitable transport media is therefore crucial for a reliable diagnosis.

Product description

SSI Diagnostica produces its own transport media; in addition SSI Diagnostica sells transport media and flocked swabs on behalf of Copan Diagnostics ( in Italy and Biologix in China. 

SSI Diagnostica transport media

SSI Diagnostica transport media include Stuarts Transport Medium and SSI Diagnostica Transport Medium for biopsies.

SSI Diagnostica Transport Medium is used for most bacteria incl. Neisseria species and anaerobic bacteria. The transport medium ensures viability and allows only limited growth. Isolation of pathogens in mixed cultures is therefore possible. SSI Diagnostica Transport Medium is delivered in 20-piece packs. Transport sleeves must be ordered separately.

SSI Diagnostica transport media are stored in a cool place at 2-8ºC. The expiry date is indicated on the glass. 

Note: Oxidation of the substrate will be shown by blue staining. If more than the top 2/3 of the substrate is blue, it cannot be used.

Copan transport media

Copan transport media comprise UTM (Universal Transport Medium), ESWAB, UriSwab and Fecal Swab.

UTM is used to diagnose viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureaplasma. UTM is delivered in different volumes with or without flocked swab.

ESWAB is a liquid transport medium used for culturing bacteria and can also be used for antigen and molecular diagnostics. The medium is DNAse and RNAse free. ESWAB is supplied with various flocked swabs which quickly elute (release) the sample material into the transport medium. ESWAB therefore makes it possible to perform repeated tests using the same specimen (multitesting). 

Fecal Swab is a Cary Blair medium which ensures the viability of Enterobacteria. Fecal Swab is supplied with flocked swab for sampling.

Product Range

Article number Product Units
10435 SSI Diagnostica transport media for biopsies – 25mL 1 pcs.
28733 Stuarts transport media 20 pcs.
28734 Cover for Stuarts transport media  20 pcs.
72794ESWAB + flocked swab (minitip), 481CE50 pcs.
72796ESWAB + flocked swab (pernasal), 482CE50 pcs.
82332ESWAB + flocked swab (regular), 490CE50 pcs.
77519Fecal Swab (Cary Blair), 470CE50 pcs.
75152Selenit Broth, 475CE.A50 pcs.
72813UTM 2mL (16x100mm) + 1 reg. swab 323C50 pcs.
72784UTM + flocked swab (regular), 3 mL, 346c50 pcs.
77997UTM flocked swab (regular+mini), 3 mL, 338c50 pcs.
93982UTM 3 mL 330c50 pcs.
99922Nylon regular thick sterile individual packaging50 pcs.