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Textile Testing

Microbiological testing of textiles used by staff at e.g. dental and medical clinics

Is your unclean textiles laundering process functioning correctly?

Testing of textiles for multiple use

Textiles that are used by staff at dental and medical clinics, staff and residents in nursing homes, for example, may act as fomites, contributing to the spread of infections. It is therefore important to test whether your laundering process functions as required.

We offer microbiological testing of your textiles according to the Danish National Infection Control Guidelines (NIR) “Regarding the handling of textiles for multiple use in the healthcare sector” (click to read more in Danish).

The process is as follows:

After ordering, you receive an envelope containing the following:

  • Procedure for sampling and submission of textiles for multiple use
  • Registration slip for microbiological testing of textiles
  • 1 return envelope
  • 5 plastic bags

You return 5 samples cut from representative textiles, which our QC lab tests by pressing the textile down on a blood agar plate twice. The plates are incubated for 48 timer hours at 37°C, after which the results are read and a report is prepared.

A result of less than 5 CFU of Bacillus cereus per blood agar plate is regarded as being acceptable.

Certify your textile laundering process

Safety for staff, patients, and residents

Easy workflow – just wash as normal

How to use

Verify your washing program by placing the textile indicators in your washing machine – together with the laundry. Wash at your normal sterilizing program.
The indicators are left to dry at a sterile place.
When the indicators are dry, place each of them in a plastic bag and the bags in the envelope for return and send them to SSI Diagnostica for testing.

Product range

Article numberProductNumber of units
95680Test of textiles in accordance with DS 2451-85

Order Indicators Here

 With a biological and chemical indicators subscription, you:

  • Will receive certificates for approved test results
  • Can have the biological indicators cultured by our certified laboratory
  • Ensure safety for your patients and staff
  • Have a subscription scheme so you always have the indicators you need
  • Receive personal guidance and free biological indicators for re-testing test-positives
OBS: Subscriptions done on this page is only for Danish customers. If you are from outside Denmark please contact your sales rep. or write an email to

Simpler for the better

If you work within the field of microbiology, you might be familiar with Occam’s Razor. At SSI Diagnostica, we champion a slightly adapted version of this principle:
The simplest solution is usually the best one.


Please, reach out if you have questions, comments or requests.