The purpose of sterilisation is to prevent the spread of any infection to ensure the safety of both patients and staff in your clinic.

When do I need to use indicators?

Biological indicators are used to validate your sterilisation process and are necessary for achieving accreditation.

Cf. NIR and ISO 11138-1 and -3:

  • Biological indicators must be used at least every three months or after 200-400 operating cycles whichever comes first
  • Biological indicators must always be used after repairs or shutdowns
  • Chemical indicators must be used at least once daily

With a biological and chemical indicators subscription, you get:

  • Certificates issued for compliant test results
  • Culturing of the biological indicators by our certified laboratory
  • Safety for your patients and your staff
  • A subscription scheme so you always have the indicators you need
  • Free biological indicators for re-testing in case of test-positives

Danish National Infection Control Guidelines (NIR)

According to the Danish National Infection Control Guidelines (NIR), it is imperative to test the performance of your steriliser on an ongoing basis – both using biological indicators and with respect to physical parameters (temperature, time and pressure):

Process indicators (for example, autoclave tape) must be used for all operating cycles. These provide no assurance that sterilisation has been achieved, since they demonstrate solely that an item has undergone the sterilisation process.

Testing of the sterilisation process entails:

  • Temperature, pressure and time recording for each operating cycle
  • Use of multivariable chemical indicators at least once daily
  • Use of biological indicators at least every three months