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Streptococcus antisera

SSI Diagnostica offers antisera for serotyping of Streptococcus.

Clinical relevance

Serotyping of streptococci is an important tool in diagnosis, monitoring and control, as streptococcal infections can cause serious disease in humans and animals.


Antisera from SSI Diagnostica are for in vitro use in human, veterinary and food laboratories. All antisera are produced in accordance to internationally recognised methods and standards.

All antisera are polyclonal and produced by immunising rabbits with well-defined reference strains. With some antisera, where relevant, the reaction is made specific by means of absorption. All finished products are tested and qualified with reference strains.


We offer reliable advice, serotyping and molecular typing based on many years’ of experience.


SSI Diagnostica’s antisera are high quality, CE-marked and produced in accordance with DS/EN ISO 13485. The shelf life is 4 years from the date of production, and minimum 2 years from date of shipment.

Product Range

SSI Diagnostica can offer all Streptococcus antisera for serotyping of streptococci.

Streptococcus antisera are available coupled to latex and are marketed as kits and single vials.

Streptococcus Antisera Solutions

ImmuLex™ Streptococcus Antisera

Immulex™ Streptococcus antisera consist of polyclonal antibodies sensibilised on latex particles. The test gives a result within 30 seconds.

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Streptococcus Antisera for Precipitation

Streptococcus antisera are used for precipitation of Lancefield extracts in a capillary tube.

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Streptococcus Antisera for Neufeld

Streptococcus antisera are used for the capsular reaction test (Neufeld).

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