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E. coli antisera OK O pool 1 and O26


OK O antisera are suitable for screening for surface antigens on live cultures, and are particularly suited to test for known EPEC and/or VTEC serotypes.

A positive agglutination test is not indicative of the presence of relevant virulence genes. Positive isolates should therefore be investigated further for virulence factors, e.g. using PCR or H serotyping.

Product description

OK O antisera are polyclonal antisera produced by immunising rabbits with whole formalin-killed cells. Serum therefore contains antibodies against O, K, H and other protein antigens found on the surface of the cell. For this reason OK O sera are intended only for screening and must always be confirmed with O serotyping.

OK O antisera are supplied in dropper bottles of 3 mL ready-to-use antiserum, sufficient for at least 150 reactions.

We offer the full range of antisera for E. coli serotyping

High quality

All absorbed free of cross-reactions

We offer experienced technical support

How to use

OK O antisera are used for slide agglutination with live cultures, and the reaction can be read after 5-10 seconds. Pool OK O antisera are absorbed in OK O pool 1-3. OK O single antisera are absorbed within the EPEC/VTEC O groups contained in the pools.

The result of the test can be attributed to the presence of several different surface structures, and so false positive and sometimes false negative reactions can occur. It is therefore very important to have the O group confirmed using agglutination with a specific O antiserum.

Product range

OK O pool antisera

ProductReact with 
of tests
44292 Pool 1
O26, O103, O111,
O145, O157
1503 mL vial
44293Pool 2
O55, O119, O125ac,
O127, O128ab
1503 mL vial
77713Pool 3
O86, O114, O121,
O126, O142
1503 mL vial

OK O single antisera

in pool
of tests
44295O2611503 mL vial
53085O45 1503 mL vial
44296O5521503 mL vial
44297O8631503 mL vial
44298O10311503 mL vial
44299O11111503 mL vial
44300O11431503 mL vial
44301O11921503 mL vial
44302O12131503 mL vial
44303O125ac21503 mL vial
44304O12631503 mL vial
44305O12721503 mL vial
44306O128ab21503 mL vial
R*72682O138 1503 mL vial
R*72686O139 1503 mL vial
44307O14231503 mL vial
44308O14511503 mL vial
R*72687O149 1503 mL vial
44309O15711503 mL vial
R*44310O158 1503 mL vial

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