ImmuView S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila

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TitleVersionLanguageValid from
IFU_P&L_ES_99058-999058-9Spanish01/11 2018
IFU_P&L_ES_99058-1099058-10Spanish01/05 2019
IFU_ImmuView_PL_UK_95603-995603-9English01/11 2018
IFU_ImmuView_PL_PT_99163-899163-8Portuguese01/01 2018
IFU_ImmuView_P&L_UK_95603-1095603-10English01/05 2019
IFU_ImmuView_P&L_portugisisk_95603-895603-8Portuguese01/01 2018
IFU_ImmuView_P&L_ portugisisk_99163-1099163-10Portuguese01/05 2019
IFU Insert ImmuView Spneumoniae and L pneumophila Urinary Antigen Test ES 95603-395603-3Spanish01/03 2015
IFU ImmuView_P&L_UK_fransk_99161-1099161-10French01/05 2019
IFU ImmuView_P&L_fransk_99161-899161-8French01/01 2018
IFU ImmuView_P&L_ES 99058-1099058-10Spanish01/05 2019
IFU ImmuView S pneumoniae and L pneumophila Urinary Antigen Test_EN_95603-795603-701/07 2017
IFU ImmuView S pneumoniae and L pneumophila Urinary Antigen fransk 99161-799161-7French01/07 2017
IFU ImmuView P&L_italiensk 99162-899162-8Italian01/01 2018
IFU ImmuView P&L_DE_99164-899164-8German01/01 2018
IFU ImmuView P&L_DE_99164-1099164-10German01/05 2019
IFU ImmuView P&L UK 95603-695603-6English01/09 2016
IFU ImmuView P&L IT 99162-7 99162-7Italian01/07 2017
IFU ImmuView L pneumophila and L longbeachae Urinary Antigen Test_12301-212301-2Spanish01/04 2019

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