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Biological Indicator – Dual Incubator

Incubator for Biological Indicators and hygiene monitoring systems.
Incubation at 37 ± 2°C, 60 ± 2°C
Dual Incubator can be used for Biological Indicators ampules and for culture medium.
Run up to 26 biological Indicator ampules at a time.
Result within 24 hours and easy visualisation by colour change.

Product description

Dual Incubator is a small table top device used for incubation of the Biological Indicator ampules.
10 positions for culture medium and spore ampules, 26 for biological indicators.
Dual Incubator can be used for both Steam and Dry heat ampules.

10056, Steam Ampules

Geobacillus stearothermophilus (ATCC 7953) 10^5 or 10^6 spores per vial.

24 hours incubation.

Easy visual color change if the sterilization process is not working correctly. Yellow is not good.

10058 Dry Heat Ampules

Bacillus atrophaeus (ATCC 9372) 10^6 spores per vial.

48 hours incubation.

Sterilise the black ampules, place the black lid on the blue ampule, throw away the blue lid. Crush the ampule and incubate.

Easy visual color change if the sterilization process is not working correctly. Yellow is not good.

Working temperature

37 ± 2°C, 60 ± 2°C

Operating specifications

Input 100/240V 0.2A (50/60Hz), Output: 12V 4A


Dimensions: 12.0 cm high, 12.3 cm diameter.

26 metal positions (0.9 cm diameter, 3.0 cm deep) to incubate 10056 and 10057

Special hole for external thermometer.

1 ampule crusher.

Voltage range: 100-240 V AC

Power: 20 W

Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

Do your own verification of your sterilizaton process

Easy visualization by color change when positive

Answer within 24 hours for steam

Build in chemical indicator – Two in one indication

How to use

Place the ampoules in the autoclave – place in packaging as done with your utensils, generally, the center of the load and areas near the door are problematic.

Use 6 ampoules for autoclaves with more than one shelve.

Run the sterilization program.

After end cycle the ampoules need to cool down to room temperature.

Check the color line on the ampoule has changed from pink to brown (mean it has been exposed to steam).

Crush the ampoule by using the crushing-device or in the special hole placed on the top of the incubator. When the ampoule is broken, shake the ampoule to secure the fluid is divided. The spores are now in contact with the fluid and are able to grow, if the spores are still alive.  

Place the ampoules in the incubator, Incubate the processed biological indicator and the indicator used as a positive control for a maximum of 24 hours between 55-62 ºC.

Readout should be carried out at convenient intervals of 10 hours. Color change of the growth indicator medium from purple to yellow means that a sterilization process failure has occurred.

Product range

The indicators comes in packages of 50 or 100 ampoules

10057 Dual Incubator for Biological Indicators
1005624h Biological Indicator for steam, 100 ampoules a box
1005848h Biological Indicator for dry heat, 25 ampoule sets a box


No items available at the moment.

Simpler for the better

If you work within the field of microbiology, you might be familiar with Occam’s Razor. At SSI Diagnostica, we champion a slightly adapted version of this principle:
The simplest solution is usually the best one.


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